Fibrotape  UD tapes, laminates and Honeycomb Thermopostic Composite advanced composite materials can be used to design lightweight, high impact and strong materials for high performance automotive applications.

Especially polyamide and polypropylene based continuous glass or carbon fiber reinforced UD tapes are well suited to Automotive interior and exterior applications.  

Fibrotape UD tapes are a promising alternative to woven-fiber reinforced organosheets which can be used to orient the fibers in any load direction, enabling to manufacture load-specific components ata minimum scrap rate .

Fibrotape –GF PP series is designed for sandwich panels and laminated panels used in automotive interior parts. 

Fibrotape with continuous fiber reinforced composites is especially ideal for large parts due to its unique characteristics that greatly reduce the overall cost to  produce the optimized preform within the cycle time of the compression injection molding (60 to 90 seconds) or offer cost reduction reducing with  material thicknesses as a result of  weigth  reduction.


  • Low investmen tcost for tooling and economic processing
  • Excellent  toughness behaviour
  • Excellent  tensile properties
  • Able to laminate PET NW, needle punch, carpet,
  • Good acoustic absorption
  • Ductile failure - robust handling
  • Very high stiffness
  • Light weight
  • Absorption of crash loads

Some of application  in serial:

Trunk Floor

Fibrotape UD tape with PP honeycomb core lamination, instead of Bypreg- PU+carton Honeycomb core + glass fiber

  • Lightweight potential weight reduction min 20 %.
  • Recyclable design
  • Volume gaining on the luggage compartment ( current material was 17 mm thickness, proposal structure 10 mm) .
  • Reducing the cycle time %50 improvenet, and low investment cost in serial
  • One processing for forming and carpet lamination

One step thermoforming process for forming and laminating

Door Panel

Fibrotape UD tape products were thermo-formed and glued, which is 30% lighter than state-of-the-art , 3 mm injection door panel while still fulfilling safety requirements.

Two-step-moulding with Injection and Thermoformed

Seat Cover

Seat back of the 3rd seat row and load floor in case of folded away seats

Two-step-moulding with interior cover stock on both sides

Seat Cusion Pan

Fibrotape UD tape products were thermo-formed and inserted , which is 50% lighter than state-of-the D04 0.8 mm Steel l while still fulfilling safety requirements.material has got the approval after crash test.

  • Highest leightweight potentialweight reduction min 50 %
  • Cost reduction for semifinished products , also for dicharge nw on the back side of pu foam

One-step- Thermoforming

Parcel Shelves

Lightweight potential weight reduction min 30 %.

  • Cost reduction for semifinished products
  • Cycle time  reducing 
  • Metal insert discharging up to design structure

One-step- Thermoforming

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